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Fake news in Social Media

Fake news is this type of yellow press that consists of orchestrated misinformation or lies that are shared through the traditional media, relayed by channels or by internet media. Fake news is written to mislead the reader, often with the use of sensual, excessive or false headlines, in order to gain the attention of the reader for political or economic gains. The types of fake news can be defined as follows:

Data Processing

Here, at Palo, data is the most vital asset we have. Data goes hand-in-hand with the processing pipelines the are in place, to serve our mission, which is to offer quality data services related to news and data analytics. This is the first article in the series of our Technology articles. The aim of this
The use of social media by both users and brands today contributes to the vast amount of available data and information. It is a real challenge to organize all the data and grouping it in a way that helps generate knowledge. The process of producing Actionable Insights from the "monster" of social media data is the beauty of social media data for brands and businesses. In the field of beauty and beauty brands, the impact of social media is enormous. The way brands communicate with consumers and consumers themselves with the brands has changed. Digital Word Of Mouth, that is, all of the references in the category of Beauty

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