Palo Pro, is a useful tool for measuring and analyzing corporate branding on the internet and social media. It collects and exports real-time sentiment for all news, posts, discussions and videos of the internet and social media.
Palo Pro can be used for many reasons such as managing the reputation of companies, individuals and products / services, competition research, effective marketing.
Our sources are 3,500 websites, 5,000 blogs, 4,3M Social Media Sources  (approx. 500k Facebook pages, 1,3M Twitter accounts, 1,8M Instagram accounts and 700K YouTube accounts as well as the 90 forums in Greece. Soon we will include additional social media such as Pinterest and Snapshot.
Yes, we can immediately add any source you are interested in.
Each account can have one or more dashboards depending on the package you choose. Contact us for available packages.
Each account can have one or more users. Each user can create and share his dashboards according to his needs.
From all your devices: PC, smartphones and tablets.
For more information and any problem you can visit our Contact Page.
PaloPro is so simple that you do not need special training. Our team is anytime at your disposal for supporting you; if you have any questions please Contact us.


Palo Pro collects in real time all reports from the connected sources, processes and analyzes them in a format of comprehensive dashboards and components. It uses state-of-the-art technology to extract sentiment from entity-level reporting to indicate whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. It also analyzes data at other levels to extract useful customer information.
Initially, you create a dashboard defining the entities, words or even the combination of what you are interested in. Then, through the components selected, we perform different analyses.
PaloPro is currently available in the markets of Greece, Cyprus and Serbia. Expansion to additional countries is already in progress, please contact us for the latest updates.


Customer insights, or consumer insights, is an interpretation of trends in human behaviors which aims to increase effectiveness of a product or service for the consumer, as well as increase sales for mutual benefit.
Polarity extraction occurs automatically with state-of-the-art natural language processing technology designed to extract emotion (positive, negative neutral) from mentions / texts that fall within a wide range of thematic areas. Emotion extraction is both entity-level and text-based. This enables us to analyze in real time the polarity of the entities you are interested in, giving a clear picture of the reputation of each entity as well as its evolution over time.
The analysis reaches the reference level of entities / words of interest within the discrete texts. The reader can see all the references in these texts about the entities / words that interest him / her. PaloPro's purpose is to highlight entities / words in a text. If the reader wants to read the whole of a text then he is referred through a link to his / her publication source.
Through PaloPro, the reader can locate the starting point of a news / fame, the point at which the news begins to propagate. He can also compare reports of interest between different sources, means, emotions, time periods.
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