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Real-time Search, Brand Monitoring and sentiment Analysis across Web and Social Media

Insightful Brand Monitoring with the most effective platform for Web & Social Media Listening & Analytics.

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Incredible features

Features that will make you love our platform

Brand Monitoring in Web & Social

We collect data from all different sources and all different metrics

  • News Websites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Dashboards & Monitoring Visualizations

You have at your disposal a complete toolkit of components to help you transform raw query data into comprehensive, insightful multi-chart visual dashboards.

Exceptional Support

PaloPro is so simple that you do not need special training. Our team of experienced Data Analysts is at your disposal for extra help!

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The most effective Web & Social Media Listening & Analytics Tool
The Data Analysis team of PaloPro will show you how Web & Social Media Listening can help your brand.

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    Data Sources

    Everyday millions of mentions from hundreds of sources are gathered and analyzed in real time

    PaloPro Web Sources

    Polarity Extraction / Sentiment Analysis

    State-of-the-art natural language processing technology applied in Brand Monitoring, developed with top Research Institutes and Universities, extracts emotion (positive, negative neutral) from mentions, both in entity and text level.

    Reporting & Alerts

    The reporting and alerting service provides you with the additional flexibility to instantly update with critical information about your brand, wherever you are, in real time.
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    • It's a pleasure working with PaloPro: the environment is pretty beautiful and all the work is done very easily, with intuitive graphics to guide you. We learned to use it right away, without any tutorial. It was really valuable in managing the communication crisis that we had on behalf of a well-known brand: We had all the information, in real time, which is very important for two reasons: 1. In the online environment, you cannot wait because you face the multiplier power of social media and 2. The manager of a brand in crisis needs constant awareness of the extent and severity of the spread of damaging news.
      Anna Karakatsani - Managing Partner - ONNUP

    Request a demo of PaloPro

    The Data Analysis team of PaloPro will show you how Web & Social Media Listening can help your brand take Brand Monitoring to the next level!

    Meet PaloPro Platform effectiveness in practice!

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