PaloPro is a SAAS platform that combines all the news, mentions, discussions and videos published on Social Media and generally on the web. It is an intuitive, friendly and useful tool for Social Listening and Media Monitoring targeted to data analysis and business intelligence. The user of PaloPro can see real-time discussions that matter, understand if what is written and said is positive or negative about his organization and what ultimately is the overall image of his company in the online environment.

PaloPro offers a unique Social Listening and Media Monitoring experience by collecting and analyzing specific references of brands on the Web and Social Media in real time. This is an integrated tool used to create and run a corporate communications strategy while focusing on social network analysis. It is important that notifies you of any crises that may require immediate treatment. It, therefore, contributes significantly to the preparation, evaluation and valid intervention of our client's strategy and thus to the protection of corporate reputation.


It analyzes the commercial reputation of companies, brands, organizations and other entities, as it processes about 85,000 publications per hour.

It investigates and analyzes demographic information and social media users' interests.

It uses high linguistic technology to automatically search for, export and analyze the sentiment of mentions.

It has been recognized internationally with Seal of Excellence by the European Union, it already has 5 publications in international journals, it has been honored with 7 awards.

It uses greeklish as a separate language.

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