Through this series of selected videos and presentations, you can get a better idea of how Social Listening and Media Monitoring & Analytics have helped brands and businesses in various industries. The material is part of our presentations at the largest conferences that take place annually in Greece and abroad, in the context of our continuous development and progress in the field of new technologies.

Speeches - Presentations - Videos

“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powering your brand’s Media Analysis”

Presentation: Panayiotis Tsantilas, CEO PaloServices,
Title of Presentation: “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powering your brand’s Media Analysis”
Event: 12th Corporate Communication Conference

Panayiotis Tsantilas 12 Corporate Communication Conference
In his presentation, Paloservices CEO talked about how Artificial Intelligence supports and improves the daily work of communication and PR people, especially monitoring of the digital environment. He also referred to imminent changes that technology will impose to the way corporate communications are working and producing, for example in writing press releases, disseminate information internally to the organization but also externally, press conferences, translations etc

"Social Media Insights: 2018 Social Media Trends and Analytics Implications"

Presentation: Marina Grapsa, Client Service Director PaloServices,
Title of Presentation: "Social Media Insights: 2018 Social Media Trends and Analytics Implications"
Event: Athens Fashion & Beauty Forum 2018

Marina Grapsa Athens Fashion & Beauty Forum 2018
In her presentation, Paloservices Client Service Director, focused on analyzing four trends in social media and social media insights. In particular:
  1. Brands are turning into the broadcasting technology and videos in place of writing and publications.
  2. The rise of influencers and micro-influencers as a result of the public's lack of public confidence in media, social media and institutions.
  3. The importance and development of Artificial Intelligence, which helps automate and facilitate understanding and customer service.
  4. The momentum for Social Data, where brands seem to show more emphasis on social media insights and try to get a piece of the channels themselves.
Finally, Mrs. Grapsa referred to the kinds of analyses that can be made in social media, but she also provided some useful tips for a successful Social Media Insights analysis and export, practices that are used and evolved continuously by Paloservices. Athens Fashion & Beauty Forum 2018 is a combination of Digital Fashion Forum and Digital Beauty Forum, covering the entire spectrum of fashion and beauty industry. It is the only congress of the industry that takes place in Greece, attracting stakeholders from across the Greek market. Its purpose is to act as a knowledge platform, as well as an interface of industry executives.

"Ways that Social Media are shaping the Beauty Industry"

Presentation: Marina Grapsa, Client Service Director PaloServices
Title of Presentation: "Ways that Social Media are shaping the Beauty industry"
Event: Digital Beauty Forum 2017

Marina Grapsa
Top in the reports is the beauty market in Greek social media! Digital Word of Mouth, that is, all references to the Beauty category, reach extremely large numbers. Within one month (17/4/2017 -16/5/2017), according to paloPro's analysis, all references to this category reached 83.631, which is the largest of all branches of the Greek economy. These refer to the entire category, covering the keywords: makeup, care, hair care and fragrances, and only relate to "public" data. One of the reasons why the theme of beauty has such great dimensions is that social media have acquired experienced researchers. They are consumers looking for products that will buy over the Internet, read advice, compare, and create their own content. The influence of every social media user contributes to the ultimate impact of all categories. For this reason, monitoring the company's reputation and product reputation in social media is of paramount importance. Brands are now obliged to monitor user reviews daily and to deal with them immediately.
The importance of monitoring social media reports is now essential, but especially in the category of Beauty, it becomes imperative. .
Beauty brands should incorporate into their everyday life a social media that incorporates a reporting program that uses both systematic file reporting and creative and quality data processing in such a way as to deliver appreciable results.
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